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Nice Words from our Amazing Clients

Ray is the best.

We have a smaller digital marketing agency and utilize Ray often with content marketing and content writing projects. He’s creative, yet professional and consistently delivers our projects on time. His attention to detail is unmatched. If you have a writing project or need marketing copy, blogs, newsletters, flyers or brochures, or any other creative writing project, Ray is your solution. I highly recommend him to other digital agencies all the time. THANK YOU RAY for all of your amazing writing and your quality work, it’s truly our pleasure to work with you!
Susan Staupe

Great Freelance Writer

I hired Ray several years back as a freelance writer. I was very impressed with his writing and creativity and not long after he moved to Charleston and became a full-time employee. He worked very hard and helped to build up (at the time) our small company, as our clients grew in numbers eventually Ray could not write for all of them and we started building a pool of writers which Ray managed. Ray’s responsibilities grew and he was not only managing our writers but also many different software systems and other administrative initiatives that were critical for our clients. To make a long story short Ray had to move back to Atlanta and we had to go our separate ways. He was a very important part of our management team and I would feel very confident to recommend him in any capacity to prospective employers in Atlanta.
Matt Rubin

Creative Writing for Patricia S. Webb

Ray frequently works with the Blue Ridge Community Theater in various Marketing and program design capacities. Recently, he redesigned our Social Media Marketing plan.
These efforts including educating our Board on the definition of each Social Media sites (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.) He also reviewed our web site and made excellent recommendations for improving. He assisted us in developing benchmarks that can help us judge the success of each endeavor.
Ray is an excellent writer. As an educator he is outstanding. He is professional in all our dealings. He is bright and articulate.
We look forward to working with him again!
Patricia Webb

Content Creator for Debby Beck

Ray is knowledgeable, articulate and a pleasure to work with. As the Executive Director of a small non-profit, I don’t always have the time to grow our organization’s social media presence. That skill is right in Ray’s wheelhouse, and his background as a freelance writer compliments this valuable talent. In today’s business environment, it is essential to work with a social media professional that can envision and implement unique campaigns, create valuable, engaging content and keep your profile in the public eye; all skills that Ray is very proficient in. As a multi-talented marketing professional, Ray also excels at creating promotional videos that tell your company’s story and generate brand awareness. The thing that I like most about Ray is….he really cares. He has the sincere desire and expertise to see your business flourish and your goals accomplished.
Debby Beck

Content Creator for CJ Stam

I contracted with Ray consistently for over 5 years. He assisted me personally as well as my companies and a local lodging association with multiple levels of communication. Ray was tactful in transitioning daily work loads and tasks ranging from face to face and virtual customer service interactions to detailed long term projects and marketing campaigns. It’s nice to know that Ray is building his own business and I feel that I can always call him when I need assistance on virtually any type of writing or marketing campaign. He’s a true team player!
CJ Stam

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